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Reclaimed Wood Guide

Antique Oak
Structures once needed for everyday life are quickly becoming obsolete. However, these barns and buildings find new life as our Antique Oak flooring. This material has timeless quality, and solid choice for any flooring application. Typically re-sawn from large timbers, this material exhibits character such as nail holes, knots, colorful patina, and dense grain patterns. A mix of red and white Antique Oak gives this floor a warm tone of golden browns and reds.
FSC Recycled \ Widths Available: 3" - 12" \. Lengths: 1.5' - 12'
Antique Oak - Distressed
Structures that stand the test of time against the worst that nature can produce, emerge with a matchless patina. Our unique milling process preserves the perfect amount of that original face, while highlighting the beauty of the grain and character beneath. Our Antique Oak — Distressed is extremely durable, with a dark and distinctive patina, antique saw kerfs, nail holes, and other signs of age and wear; this floor adds a character unlike any other.
FSC Recycled \ Widths Available: 3" - 12" \ Lengths: 1.5' - 12'
Fence Board Oak
Mile after mile of fences adorn the rolling hills and pastures of the southeastern region of this country. When replacement is necessary, we recycle-this material into our Fence Board Oak flooring, producing a floor that is as rich in -character and patina as the heritage and culture of the-hunt country it comes from. A mix of red and white Oak, deep dark patina and beautiful grain patterns characterize this.
FSC Recycled \ Widths Available: 4-1/2" \ Lengths: 1' — 8'
Fence Board Oak - Distressed
This is a different take on one of our most popular products. We preserve some of the original rough face to make a rugged floor which can stand up to any abuse.
FSC Recycled \ Widths Available: 4-1/2" \ Lengths: 1' —8'
Antique Chestnut
Unfortunately, a blight decimated the great stands of American Chestnut around the turn of the loth century. This material was a choice building product in the reconstruction era after the Civil War, and now, can only be found in the barns that stood during that time. Ranging from honey to deep brown tones, our Antique Chestnut flooring will display nail holes, worm holes, knot holes, and maybe even occasional bullet holes.
FSC Recycled \ Widths Available: 3" — 9" \ Lengths: 1.5' - 12'
For a significant era in our country's history, the economy thrived on tobacco. Farmers across the southeast constructed large open barns to hang and heat cure their tobacco. Now these buildings are no more than a reminder of days gone by. These barns, and others like them, yield a mix of pines and softwoods with a beautiful tobacco colored patina. Expect to see colorful heartwood, large knots, and occasional nail holes.
FSC Recycled \ Widths Available: 3" — 10" \ Lengths: 1.5' - 12'+
Barnwood - Distressed
When milling this floor, we take the utmost care to preserve the patina and characteristics left in the original face of the tobacco barn siding or structural material. Nail holes and saw kerfs, dents and dings, and a wonderful palette of reds and browns give this floor a look unlike any other. This floor is a great way to add an authentic touch to any home.
FSC Recycled \Widths Available: 3" —1o" \ Lengths: 1.5' —12'+
Antique Heart Pine - Vertical Grain
For a classic look unlike any other, antique Heart Pine is the timeless choice. This premium grade floor will be all tight vertical grain. In wider widths you may expect to see a minimal amount of crown, or widening of the grain. l00% heartwood content, this grade will allow for a very small knot or nail-hole, yet infrequently.
FSC Recycled \ Widths Available: 2.5" — 5" (wider widths. available in limited quantities only) \ Lengths: 2' — 12'+
Antique Heart Pine - Select Grade
To experience the most all around beauty and charm that antique Heart Pine has to offer, this is the grade of choice. Select grade will offer a beautiful mix of 75% vertical grain and 25% flat grain, and 95-i00% heartwood content. With just enough knots and nail holes to give this floor an inviting appeal, it will add rich color and
grace to any home.
FSC Recycled \ Widths Available: 2.5" - 12" \ Lengths: 2' - 12'+
Antique Heart Pine - Farmhouse Grade
If you are looking for all the richness and warmth of antique Heart Pine, but desire a more relaxed look, the Farmhouse grade is your answer. This floor contains grain patterns that vary from tight vertical grain, to wide open grain, 8o%+ heartwood content, and many sizes and shapes of knots and nail holes.
FSC Recycled \ Widths Available: 2.5" - 12" \ Lengths: 2' - 12'+
Antique Heart Pine - Cabin Grade
For the customer who is seeking for a very rustic product, this may be the answer. Considered the utility grade of antique Heart Pine, this floor can show anything from premium planks which are riddled with nail holes, exterior cuts of beams which will feature saw mark or old paint and the scars from hardware and hard abuse, and boards with varying amounts of sap and heartwood. This grade is excellent because it makes use of material that would otherwise be wasted, and therefore is one of the "greenest" choices of all.
FSC Recycled \ Widths Available: 2.5" - 12" \ Lengths: 2' —12'
Old Growth
Lockes Mill Heart Pine
Affectionately named after one of the historical mills still standing here in Clarke County Virginia, Lockes Mill Heart Pine is an embodiment of the spirit and tradition of the south, and the Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine that made it famous the world over. These old growth trees are carefully harvested at select tree plantations in the south, and consideration is given for their tight grain and high heartwood content, before they are selectively harvested. This product is available in several grades (see below), based on grain density and knot content. If you are looking for a floor that has been a timeless choice for over 200 years, look no further.
Widths Available: 2.5" — 10" \ Lengths: 2' —14'
Rustic White Oak
Graded for its solid knots, dense grain patterns, and mineral streaking, this old growth White Oak is a beautiful and economical option for those who want a solid, classic, hardwood floor. White Oak has cool brown tones and is a great palette for various stain options. It is also one of the hardest woods available, and will offer a long wearing, stable floor. We think this floor looks great with a wire-brushed finish or with our custom hand scraping.
Widths Available: 3" —13" \.Lengths:1.5' - 12'
Rustic Cherry
This particular grade of Cherry is milled from the heart of large old growth timbers. This gives our Rustic Cherry flooring close to i00% heartwood content, and virtually no sap. It will exhibit unique character traits such as various knots, checks, worm holes, and mineral streaking. Over time, this floor will age into a deep red patina that is hard to beat.
Widths Available: 3" - 12" \ Lengths: 1.5' —12'
Rustic Walnut
Prized for centuries because of its deep color and wonderful attributes for fine furniture and gunstocks, our Rustic Walnut will show off all the beauty inherent in the species. Carefully harvested from select old growth stocks, our Walnut flooring shows off burl and dense grain figure, knots and color variation, this grade of material is unique from most Walnut floors on the market. Walnut flooring is another excellent choice for custom hand scraping.
Widths Available: 3" - 12" \ Lengths: 1.5' - 12'
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